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Telluride Film Festival


The Nugget Project

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If you are inspired to make a gift in the name of Festival founder Tom Luddy, please support his passion for a permanent home at the beloved and historic Nugget Building site in Telluride, Colorado.

The Nugget Project

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This Telluride landmark will be a hub both for the Festival and for expanded world-class programs, such as The Luddy House for Artist Residences, the Education Pavilion for enhanced impact programs, the reimagined state-of-the-art Nugget Theater, and a rooftop gathering place for our cultural community.

The Telluride Film Festival has made outstanding contributions to American culture and had an outsized impact on national and global film culture. Upholding the traditions and values of its founders, the organization continues to inspire believers in cinema of quality today through:

● Recognizing the power of great filmmakers and gathering them together without artifice

● Championing the traditions and history of cinema and cinema-going auteurs

● Upholding the importance of film criticism and preservation

● Celebrating the essential conviviality of the festival experience

For our community, film is the finest of arts. This art form has never been so imperiled. To truly appreciate it, film must be seen on a big screen, with many other people. To cry, laugh and swoon together, in a dark room for us is bliss. There is nothing quite like the anticipation for a good movie—thus, to secure a permanent, historic, beautiful home for this joy, to preserve this ability is imperative. Let’s make sure we can always look forward to this together. Let’s ensure that there will always be the light of film for many generations to come.

Join us in celebrating the Festival’s upcoming 50th anniversary and invest in our long-term stability and commitment to championing the greatest films and filmmakers on the planet!

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The Telluride Film Festival is presented by the National Film Preserve, Ltd., a non-profit 501(c)(3) arts and educational organization.