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Telluride Film Festival

Film Submission

  • Submission Steps:
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  • Regulations
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General Information

Deadline: Feature, Student and Short films must be submitted no earlier than April 15th, and no later than July 1st, 2019. Early or late entries will not be accepted.

Submit as early as possible! Once the submission period is open, submitting as early as possible not only allows more time for consideration, but also you will not run the risk of missing the deadline. No late submissions will be considered at all.

Finish line: All submissions (for all catagories) must have been completed after last year's submission deadline of July 2nd, 2018. Works in progress will not be considered.

Screening Status: With very rare exceptions, feature length films (60 minutes or longer) will only be considered if they are to have their first North American screenings at TFF. Any domestic public exposure prior to our Labor Day event may preclude the work from eligibility. (This applies mainly to features, we’re not so sticky about short films. However, we do not accept shorts that have been released online prior to the Festival.)

Submission Format: While we accept both DVD and URL link submissions, links are strongly preferred. All links must be made accessible through August 1st, 2019. Any film submitted via Vimeo must be made downloadable for our screening committee. If there are changes to accessibility, for example updates to a password, you must contact the Festival asap via email:

Presentation Format: Telluride Film Festival accepts 35mm and DCP for screenings. Titles on DCP are required to send a backup format, either on Blu-ray disc or Quicktime file to Telluride specifications.

Festival Notification: Final program determinations will be made by August 1st. You will be notified in writing by the first week in August whether your film has been invited to screen with us or not. Except in emergencies, please do not call the Festival office for disposition.

Loss and Damage: Every precaution will be taken to safeguard all materials submitted while in the possesion of the Festival. However, we can not assume responsibility in the event of loss or damage.

Important reminder for all Filmmaker's submissions: If your film is accepted, invitations may be sent as late as the first week of August. Please provide all the requested contact information, especially where and how we can contact the Filmmakers themselves at that time!